Hydraulic heating products

Hydraulic systems are an integral part of modern machinery, such as excavators, cranes and other heavy duty equipment. But in harsh winter conditions, the fluids in hydraulic systems are prone to congealing, causing problems in the machinery’s mechanism.

Heating of hydraulic fluid

Additives in hydraulic fluid only prevent congealing in sub-zero temperatures to a certain extent. In order to prevent problems in your hydraulic systems, a hydraulic heating product is the best solution. Arctic Fox has manufactured hydraulic heating products since the late seventies and offers a wide range of solutions. Due to our worldwide distribution system, we can deliver your hydraulic heating product very quickly.

Coolant powered hydraulic heating products

Arctic Fox’s coolant powered hydraulic heating products provide a number of solutions to keep hydraulic fluid flowing and reduce pump cavitation and blown seals. Our Hydraliner, for instance, keeps 250 square inches of surface area in contact with the hydraulic fluid and very efficiently warms a 190 ltr reservoir at -29°c. It is especially designed to thread into a 2″ npt female pipe thread and offers full 3/4″ npt coolant connections, which allow for excellent flow capacity. We also produce custom designed, coolant powered hydraulic heating products for specific needs and reservoirs.

Electrically powered hydraulic heating products

We also offer a range of electrically powered hydraulic heating products, available in 120v, 220v, 12v and 24v applications. You can choose permanent, easy peel, threaded and stick installation, depending on your particular requirements and equipment.

No more downtime

Whether your hydraulic equipment is moving or stationary – with Arctic Fox’s hydraulic heating products, you can say goodbye to downtime and start using your equipment to its fullest potential. We can provide a solution for any hydraulic mechanism.

Hydraulic heating

Arctic Fox hydraulic heating products have kept equipment running for nearly forty years and we’re sure we can also provide you with a hydraulic heating solution that fits your needs. Please contact us directly by calling +31 (0) 165 55 92 45 of by filling in our contact form. We are more than happy to help you find your hydraulic heating product.

Coolant powered

Arctic Fox can custom design and provide complete stand-alone fluid warming systems for mobile and stationary equipment. Our Heating Systems operate off existing DC battery and/or  the vehicle fuel supply to produce maximum heat output. Our Heating System engineers can design a complete integrated system to provide a complete heating solution from one source… Arctic Fox.

Electric powered

Our fluid warming systems can be applied to additional liquid-to-liquid and liquid-to-gas systems including reservoirs for grease oil, water, paints, asphalt oil, waste products and perishable products in the coldest weather. In addition to our standard Coolant- &  Electric Powered product line, custom designs are also availableContact us for more information.

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