Hydraulic heating systems

Heavy duty equipment, such as cranes and excavators, are usually fitted with hydraulic systems. To ensure year-round operation of these hydraulics, you will have to take measures to prevent congealing of the fluids in the hydraulic system, as this will cause problems in your machinery’s mechanism.

Heating of hydraulic systems

Most hydraulic fluids contain anti-freeze additives, but these only prevent congealing in sub-zero temperatures to a certain extent. A hydraulic heating system is a much more reliable solution to ensure the full operation of your hydraulic system. As one of the industry’s leading companies, Arctic Fox has manufactured hydraulic heating systems since the late seventies and offers a wide range of heating solutions.

Goodbye to downtime

Whether the hydraulic equipment your company uses is moving or stationary, Arctic Fox’s hydraulic heating systems will allow you to use your equipment every day, all year long. Say goodbye to downtime because of freezing in your hydraulic mechanisms!

Coolant powered hydraulic heating systems

Arctic Fox’s engine coolant powered hydraulic heating systems offer a number of solutions to keep hydraulic fluid flowing and reduce pump cavitation and blown seals. If our standard range of products – including the Hydraliner which keeps 250 square inches of surface area in contact with the hydraulic fluid and very efficiently warms a 190 ltr reservoir at -29° Celsius – won’t cut it, our custom designed hydraulic heating systems most certainly will.

Electrically powered hydraulic heating systems

We also offer a range of electrically powered hydraulic heating systems, available in 120v, 220v, 12v and 24v applications. You can choose permanent, easy peel, threaded and stick installation depending on your needs and hydraulic equipment.

Hydraulic heating

Arctic Fox hydraulic heating systems will keep your hydraulic equipment running, no matter what the circumstances are. Please contact us directly. We will be more than happy to help you find a hydraulic heating system that suits your needs.

Coolant powered

Arctic Fox can custom design and provide complete stand-alone fluid warming systems for mobile and stationary equipment. Our Heating Systems operate off existing DC battery and/or  the vehicle fuel supply to produce maximum heat output. Our Heating System engineers can design a complete integrated system to provide a complete heating solution from one source… Arctic Fox.

Electric powered

Our fluid warming systems can be applied to additional liquid-to-liquid and liquid-to-gas systems including reservoirs for grease oil, water, paints, asphalt oil, waste products and perishable products in the coldest weather. In addition to our standard Coolant- &  Electric Powered product line, custom designs are also availableContact us for more information.

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