Customization at its best

Fluid & Fuel Warming Products

Arctic Fox is a leading supplier of high quality components to the heavy duty trucking and off-highway equipment markets. Arctic Fox fuel lines and hydraulic heaters offer a solution for working in extreme conditions. Prevention of cold related problems such as clogging of filters by forming paraffin and frozen fuel lines and tanks.

By applying these systems to trucks and off-road machinery they can function in extremely cold weather without problems. The components from Arctic Fox are produced in the U.S. The Arctic Fox systems are completely tailored to the needs of individual clients. Customization is at its best!

Arctic Fox has kept thousands of trucks and machinery free from winter fuel gelling problems. Our fuel & fluid warming systems are installed by many of the leading truck and heavy equipment manufacturers and eliminates down time due to cold hydraulic fluid. Arctic Fox has a variety of products to keep hydraulic fluid flowing and reduce pump cavitation and blown seals.

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Coolant powered

Arctic Fox can custom design and provide complete stand-alone fluid warming systems for mobile and stationary equipment. Our Heating Systems operate off existing DC battery and/or  the vehicle fuel supply to produce maximum heat output. Our Heating System engineers can design a complete integrated system to provide a complete heating solution from one source… Arctic Fox.

Electric powered

Our fluid warming systems can be applied to additional liquid-to-liquid and liquid-to-gas systems including reservoirs for grease oil, water, paints, asphalt oil, waste products and perishable products in the coldest weather. In addition to our standard Coolant- &  Electric Powered product line, custom designs are also available. Contact us for more information.

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