Prevent diesel fuel gelling

The vast majority of trucks and off-highway equipment runs on diesel. It is reliable and gets the job done! Diesel will start gelling when temperatures drop very low. If you operate in an area where ‘arctic grade fuel’ isn’t available, it is necessary to take measures to prevent diesel fuel from gelling. Arctic Fox offers a wide range of products that will prevent gelling and keep your vehicles running.

Prevent biodiesel fuel gelling

Fuel gelling prevention is especially necessary for vehicles that run on biodiesel. Although biodiesel offers a variety of benefits, it has one major downside: its cloud point and pour point have a very small temperature range between them. Biodiesel also starts gelling at a much warmer temperature: the cloud point is +2° Celsius. This makes the prevention of fuel gelling even more important in vehicles that run on biodiesel.  Arctic Fox offers both engine coolant powered an electrically powered solutions to prevent biodiesel and diesel fuel from gelling.

HOTLINE® diesel heater

For vehicles that need to be fully operational all winter long, look no further: our electrically powered solution HOTLINE® will prevent your diesel fuel from gelling in a fast and efficient manner. Even while on the road, all you need to do is flip the switch and within 60 seconds, the in-line fuel heater will start to eliminate gelling.

Coolant powered gelling prevention

Arctic Fox offers a wide range of coolant powered solutions to prevent diesel fuel from gelling. For instance, our range includes diesel fired coolant pre-heaters. We offer both standard and custom coolant heaters from brands like Eberspacher. Our custom coolant heaters offer a variety of enclosures and other accessories to maximize the functionality of your heating system and minimize the chance of your diesel fuel gelling.

Reliable diesel gelling prevention

Ever since its start in 1979, Arctic Fox has been a leading manufacturer of fuel heating products. Some of our fuel heaters can be even be ordered on new vehicles from the factory in major truck OEMs. We have been a quality approved supplier since 1984.

Prevent your diesel fuel from gelling

Do you want to keep your equipment running all winter long? Choose Arctic Fox’s diesel fuel gelling prevention. Contact us directly for more information!

Coolant powered

Arctic Fox can custom design and provide complete stand-alone fluid warming systems for mobile and stationary equipment. Our Heating Systems operate off existing DC battery and/or  the vehicle fuel supply to produce maximum heat output. Our Heating System engineers can design a complete integrated system to provide a complete heating solution from one source… Arctic Fox.

Electric powered

Our fluid warming systems can be applied to additional liquid-to-liquid and liquid-to-gas systems including reservoirs for grease oil, water, paints, asphalt oil, waste products and perishable products in the coldest weather. In addition to our standard Coolant- &  Electric Powered product line, custom designs are also availableContact us for more information.

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