Prevent fuel line freeze up

Winter time can be problematic for heavy duty trucks and off-highway equipment. In very low temperatures, the paraffin waxes in fuel can solidify, causing clogging of filters and fuel lines. You will have to take measures to prevent fuel line freeze ups especially if ‘arctic grade fuel’ is unavailable in your area. Arctic Fox offers a wide range of solutions.

Freeze up prevention since 1979

Arctic Fox was founded in 1979 and since then has been a major player in the field of fuel line freeze up prevention. We have been a quality approved supplier to vehicles by major truck OEMs since 1984 and our products are currently being installed in production vehicles by some of North America’s main truck producers – Freightliner, Peterbilt and Western Star, to name but a few. We have prevented fuel line freeze up for nearly four decades and our worldwide distribution network assures availability all over the globe.

Electrically powered

Our range of electrically powered equipment to prevent fuel line freeze up offers several options. For instance, our HOTLINE® heater – which is installed inside the fuel line – will heat fuel up in just a couple of minutes, so your vehicles can be operational quickly even in the harshest of winter conditions.

Coolant powered solutions

Arctic Fox also offers coolant powered fuel line freeze up prevention. In moderate winter conditions, our in-line fuel warmers will provide you with the safety margin you need. The stainless steel construction and the absence of moving parts make this fuel warmer very durable and reliable. It comes with a 5 year, 600,000 mile warranty.

Protect your fuel lines

A fuel line freeze up will cost you valuable time and money. Put your trust in Arctic Fox’s fuel warming solutions and focus on your core business, while our products keep your engines running! Contact us for more information on how to prevent fuel line freeze up.

Coolant powered

Arctic Fox can custom design and provide complete stand-alone fluid warming systems for mobile and stationary equipment. Our Heating Systems operate off existing DC battery and/or  the vehicle fuel supply to produce maximum heat output. Our Heating System engineers can design a complete integrated system to provide a complete heating solution from one source… Arctic Fox.

Electric powered

Our fluid warming systems can be applied to additional liquid-to-liquid and liquid-to-gas systems including reservoirs for grease oil, water, paints, asphalt oil, waste products and perishable products in the coldest weather. In addition to our standard Coolant- &  Electric Powered product line, custom designs are also availableContact us for more information.

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