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Coolant Manifolds

Coolant Distribution Manifolds provide a common connection point for coolant lines when installing multiple heat exchangers. They also provide a more secure connection than multiple Tee or Wye fittings, and fewer connection points that could be potential leak points.
Every Arctic Fox Coolant Distribution Manifold is made of 100% stainless steel for maximum durability and compatibility with fluids and working environments.
There are two types of manifolds, single chamber and dual chamber. Arctic Fox currently offers three single chamber models and four dual chamber models each with their own unique connection port sizes and geometry.

Single chamber manifolds are typically used as coolant collectors. When the available engine coolant ports are too small to provide proper coolant flow, multiple ports can be connected to the single chamber manifold to provide a proper coolant source.
Dual chamber manifolds are designed to provide a pressure side and a suction side, so all of the required heat exchangers can be connected to a common point to properly balance the coolant flow to each one maximizing their heating potential.

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