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Electric Fuel Warmer

PTC Heater Kit Electric Fuel Warmer

The safest way, to keep fuel flowing – even at extreme temperatures

  • Prevents the plugging of the Fuel Filter by wax
  • Self-regulating – no thermostat needed
  • Easy to retrofit on any engine
  • Long lifetime, no maintenance required

When winter is approaching and, depending on the region, fuel companies start to supply so-called winter or ‘polar diesel’. In case the storage or vehicle tank still contains regular diesel, or winter or polar diesel is not available, the fuel system needs protection, particularly the fuel filters against fuel wax.

When temperatures fall below 0°C, the paraffin waxes contained in fuel begin to solidify. These wax crystals plug the filter.When temperatures drop to -7°C the filtration threshold is reached. At -9°C the fuel begins to congeal. At 0°C and less, filtration problems are likely to be experienced; their severity depends on the configuration of the fuel system. In cold weather, paraffin wax can plug the filter within a few minutes. On a large engine, a heater using the coolant would not be efficient: wax residues which exist in significant quantities in a large tank, would plug the filter before the coolant is warm. So, the fuel must be heated at the tank outlet as soon as the engine is started up. Fleet guard’s solution is compact, simple and efficient: The PTC fuel heater, an electric, self-regulation and self-protecting heater. The PTC fuel heater contains four ceramic discs, which act as heating elements, and their power varies according to the temperature. Thanks to the unique PTC Resistance -Temperature characteristic- see curve below -it requires the minimum current and does not need any additional thermostat for controlling its heating function.

The initial short-term current draw will be approx. 15 Amps and will reduce to 1.5 Amps during regular operation.There is no risk of overheating as the electrical resistance will increase dramatically (ratio of 1 to 10,000) above the designed maximum temperature of 50°C and no current will be drawn.

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