Fluid & Fuel Warming Products

In-Line Fuel Warmers

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • No Moving Parts
  • Maintenance Free
  • A Model for Every Application
  • Easy Installation
  • Thermostat Optional
  • 5 year, 600,000 mile Warranty

Obtain the margin of safety you need in moderate cold weather temperatures with in-line fuel warmers from Arctic Fox. Installation is accomplished by simply routing fuel and coolant lines to the unit. Heat is exchanged inside through a series of stainless steel tubes to provide efficient fuel warming.

By positioning the unit close to the fuel filter, you are obtaining maximum fuel warming efficiency and preventing costly fuel freezing and clogging at the filter. An advantage of in-line fuel warming is the flexibility of mounting applications.

In-line fuel warming is a proven method providing ease of installation and economy. In extremely cold weather operation, in-line warmers are combined with in-tank heaters to provide the ultimate protection against stall-outs due to fuel waxing. In-tank or in-line, Arctic Fox is your single source for fuel warming. Available with or without mounting brackets.

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