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Shut-Off Thermostats

Electronic engines require a thermostat

Only Arctic Fox give you a choice – Shut-Off Thermostat or Bypass Thermostat.

Features and benefits:

  • The Arctic Fox “Series 400″ shut-off thermostat stops the coolant flow when the fuel flowing through it reaches approximately 78°F/25°C to 95°F/35°C.
  • The “Series 440″ shut-off thermostat operates at a range of approximately 104°F/40°C to 125°F/52°C.
  • Helps keep the fuel within the recommended temperature limits for maximum horsepower as suggested by engine manufacturers.
  • With the shut-off thermostat you can convert your existing or any coolant type warmer into a thermostatically controlled fuel warmer.
  • Utilizes proven sensor module technology used in engine coolant applications.

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